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Energy is about people individuals and societies using electricity, transportation fuels and other energy to make life better. As economies and populations grow, and as living standards improve for billions of people, the need for energy will continue to rise.

Renewable Energy
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Standard Oil Company

Sustainability at Standard Oil

Energy is vital to daily life it keeps our world moving and provides access to essentials like clean water, food and health care. Over the coming decades, populations and living standards for many will rise and so will the need for energy. To help meet tomorrow’s energy needs, Shell is working responsibly today.

Our approach to sustainability starts with running a safe, efficient, responsible and profitable business. We also work to share benefits with the communities where we operate. And we're helping to shape a more sustainable energy future, by investing in low carbon technologies and collaborating with others on global energy challenges.

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What We Offer

  • Global Reach
  • Experience
  • Advanced Drilling
  • Renewable Energy
  • Investment Stability

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Standard oil company usa
US Refineries

US refining group to sue EPA over failed renewable fuels mandate

American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers filed a notice of intent to sue

the Environmental Protection ... November 23, 2014

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World Petroleum Congress
On 15-19 June 2014, the world’s leading energy executives and government ministers gathered in Moscow, Ru... November 14, 2014